Sexual Perversions

I like all kinds of sexually perverted things.
For example  forcing you to measure your dick in a Cock Comparison Contest.

I am also Dominant by nature, I want you to ask My permission before you touch yourself. I will make you beg to cum! (assuming I allow you such a thing!)
Humiliation is another form of sexual perversion.

When was the last time you were forced to sit in a corner, while your gal gets nailed by the big black stud next door?

All the while pointing and laughing at your tiny cock! While I am being nailed by My Big Black Boyfriends Cock, you can serve us refreshments.

And last but certainly not least, I will turn you into My dirty little creampie cleaner!

As you can see, Iíve got a very nasty imagination and Iím not afraid to use it!!

By the way, Once I had Black, I can NEVER go back!

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